Quattro PALIS

Quattro PALIS

Automated Car Park



- high speed automated parking system

- rectangular shape

- for 30 to 150 parking spaces per system

- simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement

- very compact

- small footprint

- location underground and above ground

- space saving of upto 50 %

Quattro PALIS Illustration

Quattro PALIS building

The Quattro PALIS is the ideal solution for realising a high amount of parking spaces utilizing least space possible.


Components of a Quattro PALIS  Automatic Car Park:


A centred high speed lift carries the vehicles to the designated level.

Quattro PALIS


With the unique Shuttle-Technology the Transporter can pick-up the vehicle from the concrete floor and place it smoothly at another place.

Quattro PALIS


PALIS Enty- and Exit-Terminals feature a high level of comfort for their user.

With the unique “free-positioning” system the user instantly finds the right parking position – intuitively.

For driving out you get your car back turned in the right direction. To us this is as natural as the completely barrier-free and handicapped accessible terminal area.

PALIS Terminal

Quattro PALIS data-sheet as PDF-file:


Quattro PALIS.pdf


You need Adobe Reader to be able to open the PDF file.